List of products by manufacturer Le béguin pour toi

Le béguin pour toi, is a French brand that offers béguin of incredible quality, made of merino wool, often organic, with various shapes and sizes perfect for baby's first year. Laurianne the creator of the béguin for you is a passionate person. Completely fan of these retro caps that we could see several years ago and knitter since her childhood, decided to combine these two worlds to make one. She searched, observed, knitted, unravelled, scribbled, tried, tried, tried again... to succeed in offering personalized and quality models. Of course there are many crush creators, but if you look closely, no two models are the same, each one has its own personal touch and this is what makes each creation individual. The crush for you makes it a point of honour to use quality wool. This is what took the longest time to find. The crushes are created with 100% merino. It is, for the most part, GOTS certified, having all the criteria for organic designation. It is rich in colour, authentic, soft and warm. Non-organic merino is no less well treated, with its subtle powdery pink colour, and is made in France. The designer of the crush for you is extremely fussy about the details of her work, using bamboo needles to avoid damaging the wool. She also uses the hook to make some of her finishes. Yellow Flamingo is delighted with this collaboration.