List of products by manufacturer The bee and the fox

The Bee and the Fox is an American brand that has been able to find its place in the fashion market for several years. Today, we rely heavily on fashion; we choose what we wear because we like the message it conveys about us. Fashion, in this sense, is an extension of our identity, a way to connect with others. A way of classifying ourselves as belonging to a certain group or team. We make a conscious decision about what to wear every day and we communicate with the world around us through this selection. It is quite naturally that The Bee and the Fox offers us clothes with strong, simple and effective messages. Clothing that is easy to wear, comfortable to cut and looks perfect. At Yellow Flamingo we have fallen in love with the "bird" message of The Bee and the Fox brand, which we offer you on t-shirts and bodys, for women, babies and children.