List of products by manufacturer Binibamba

Emma Grant, founder of Binibamba, makes sheep skins using a centuries-old manufacturing process. I propose you to discover the creation of these magnificent sheepskins, using traditional techniques by dedicated craftsmen... "The craft process of creating sheepskin linings has not changed much over the centuries, but unfortunately there are very few tanneries left in the UK. Firstly, the tanning process uses water from a local river. After the sheepskins are first scoured, they are washed and soaked before being rinsed, then washed a second time and soaked overnight in wooden vats that haven't changed much in centuries. Then they are put into metal vats to be dyed with natural wool dyes. All the colours are made to measure for BINIBAMBA and the recipes for these dyes are created by the tannery's qualified technician. The Binibamba hides are then sent to giant dryers to fix the colour and be stretched to the desired size. Then they go to the polishing machine to have their backs polished. Then each skin is introduced by hand into the "styling" machine, which has a combing effect and essentially straightens their hair, making it silky and smooth, and then the skins go through the shearing machine (again each skin is introduced by hand) to cut the hair to a uniform length. They are cut at least 4 times to obtain a perfect length and finish. There is an enormous amount of know-how and skill that goes into the whole process and much of the process is done by hand and is very time consuming. Add to this the natural variation from one sheepskin to another and you have a totally unique, 100% natural, hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating sheepskin". The skins are 100% natural, without colouring, and no animal has been killed for its fur. Sheepskins have been used for a very long time for babies. Indeed, thanks to their thermoregulating properties, they allow you to regulate the temperature of your children. They are also very much used by parents, placed on a rattan chair or on the floor: cocooning effect assured.