List of products by manufacturer Babai Childwood

Babai Chilwood, it all started with a desire to dream, to escape, to spend time together. Babai is a Ukrainian brand, in love with wood, sensitive to the beauty of forms. 

Their motto: "Create without ceasing, play without ceasing, love without ceasing". Toys that you will love like an incredible childhood memory. But where does the word Babai come from? In Ukrainian folklore, Babai is a funny little monster, which appears in the family as soon as a child is born.   
During childhood, parents try to frighten with Babai, when the children make too much noise for example. It is even said that Babai is the one who does the mischief.   Who put cubes in dad's sneakers? Babai, of course. Who smeared the porridge on the mirror? Oh, it was Babai, of course. Who just ate the whole chocolate bar before dinner? Umm, I think it was Babai.
Because all these moments are precious Babai childwood has created these beautiful wooden toys. 
At Yellow Flamingo we had a crush on the "women & wood" balance game. But we also sectioned you magnets, bows, a game of bowls ...