A specialist in children's fashion, Yellow Flamingo offers new collections of creative brands for each season. For babies, children, girls or boys, you'll surely find something that suits all tastes among the selection of flouncing dresses, cotton bloomers, rompers with fruity patterns and other retro-style knit hats. The choice of materials is essential to bring softness and comfort to clothing, and our selection offers products in cotton, wool or linen. Nothing better than natural fabric to keep children's skin soft and healthy!


  • Newborn

    At Yellow Flamingo, we have decided to dedicate a category to your future baby's wardrobe. The arrival of a baby is an incredible joy. It is only natural that we want the best for our children. On this page you will find the essentials for your birth trousseau: wetsuits, slippers, heart cover ... comfortable and practical clothes for the first months of your newborn's life. We have selected modern and timeless brands such as Bonjour Little, Organic Zoo, Konges Slojd, or Organic Powder. It is important for your baby to choose noble materials, such as merino, organic cotton, alpaca ... For all the future parents the preparation of the birth trousseau, the maternity suitcase, are moments of happiness, so we have decided to help you with a nice selection of clothes. 

  • Rainy days
  • Scarves
  • Hats, bonnets, mittens
  • Sweaters, Jacket

    Coming out of a movie theater in the evening, when there is chilly wind during a picnic... always be prepared for the sweater weather! With our sweaters from Konges Slod or Rylee and Cru your child will be able to keep warm while staying fashionable. Yellow Flamingo proposes a selection of all styles with contemporary design and soft materials that fit both girls and boys.
    Let your child stay comfy and cozy in these sweaters!
    Discover our selection of pants or skirts to find the perfect match for these sweaters.

  • Jumpsuit, Rompers

    When we have a baby, every minute counts. Bodysuits and jumpsuits quickly become our best friends. Easy to put on and take off, they allow you to change your child quickly. Yellow Flamingo knows that these are essential pieces for your wardrobe and offers you a sophisticated collection for girls and boys. Daughter, My little Cozmo, Kidwild, Konges Slojd... The selected brands offer stylish overalls: with prints, stripes, ruffles, cotton, with or without sleeves, unisex... We have the perfect piece for you!

  • T-shirts, Blouses

    A must-have for your wardrobe, tshirts and blouses are worn throughout the whole year for all occasions. This is why Yellow Flamingo offers you a selection of tshirts and blouses to fit all of your needs and to accompany your child's daily activities. From simple t-shirts such as those of Le Petit Germain to tshirts with stripes or with an unique design such as Rylee and Cru, they assure maximal comfort with soft materials.
    There are plenty of choices, let your child's imagination run wild!

  • Dresses, Skirt
  • Shorts , Bloomers

    Yellow Flamingo wants to accompany your baby or child during his/her first stages of life by assuring comfort all while maintaining beautiful design. To do so, we have carefully selected bloomers from Rylee and Cru, Le Petit Germain, and My Little Cozmo made with 100% cotton to protect your baby's sensible skin and to assure a comfortable day in peace.
    And what better than a beautiful pair of shorts to match with our bloomers! With elastic waistbands, these shorts are a must-have for the wardrobe and are available in several styles, ready for all occasions. You can also pair them with our t-shirts and blouses!

  • Pants, Leggings

    An essential to any wardrobe: trousers and leggings! Yellow Flamingo offers a choice of pieces combining comfort, practicality and aesthetics. What could be better for the smaller ones than to quickly put on little leggings? Made of cotton, it allows the baby to spend his/her day without having restricted movements. We also offer footed pants like Kidwild's, and they are perfect when the baby doesn't know how to walk yet. For the older ones, we love La Petite Particule's flouncing collars and leggings to be combined with a nice blouse. Leggings, certainly a wardrobe essential and always carefully chosen.

  • Shoes

    For the little ones, from crocheted baby shoes to leather shoes for the first steps...
    Yellow Flamingo has gone on an adventure to look for craftsmen with savoir-faire to offer more comfortable shoes, and looks for refined and modern aesthetics: Laetitia Dalbies, Caminito... For girls and boys, the first few baby slippers are often a lasting memory. The perfect birth gift!

  • Tights, socks
  • Jewelry, hair accessories
  • Caps, hats and sunglasses
  • Swimwear

    Prepare in advance for lazy outings to the beach, with pink (or yellow) flamingo and watermelon tubes! For girls or boys, one or two pieces, Yellow Flamingo has selected for you trendy pieces that will appeal to children and parents alike: Rylee and Cru, Daughter... Stylish and made with Anti-UV material, they were made to accompany the adventures of the youngest children on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool. And the cherry on top, find our skincare to finish the day gently at Bathtime.





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