After the announcement of the pregnancy, quickly comes the desire to prepare the nursery room. But when you have to think about the smallest details, it can quickly become complicated! Yellow Flamingo is always on the lookout for new products to offer you a selection of wall decorations, lights, or posters. They are always up to date with the current trend and adapted for the children's bedroom with Bonet et Bonet or Pinchtoys. You can prepare the nursery corner with beautiful wicker baskets or the night corner with pretty poetic mobiles. And to complete the decoration, you can head over to our category Accessories to find bed linen and blankets.


  • Home textiles

    As baby grows, he spends a lot of time in his crib. To make this cocoon more comfortable and soft, Yellow Flamingo has made a selection of Garbo and Friends sets made of 100% organic cotton that will be soft on the little ones' sensitive skin. Baby will have sweet dreams and these sets will bring life to the room with their chic and contemporary look. And to add more softness, with HVID's wool blankets baby will fall asleep right away! Sets for older children are also available.

  • Decorative objects

    Need a decoration that will please moms, dads and also babies? Discover our selection of wooden objects which are perfect as development toys for the little ones such as those of Konges Slod and as decoration thanks to their simple and contemporary look. With neutral colors these objects bring a touch of finesse and modernity to your child's room.
    And for the little ones, plenty of happiness!

  • Wall Decorations

    Nothing better than mural decorations to give life to your baby's nursery or your child's room! From letter boards to high quality mobiles, Yellow Flamingo offers you the best decorations to let your child's imagination run wild and to make them dream: Chloé Fleury's paper kits will kindle imagination and Konges Slod's plush mobiles will bring a touch of coziness and uniqueness.

    We say good bye to the monsters under the bed, only good dreams with these decorations!
    Discover also our selection of wooden toys and posters.

  • Lamps
  • Baskets, nests and...

    Play doll, storage, picnic, grocery basket... these mutifunctional baskets and bassinets will accompany you everywhere. Handmade, they are of great quality and assures the comfort of the baby. Their neutral color allows us to use them to arrange magazines, dolls and toys. You will fall for the know-how of Olli Ella and Bonet et Bonet!

  • Carpets
  • Storages

    When we have one or several little ones in the house, it quickly becomes a mess. The more the baby grows, the more clothes and toys we have that are hidden somewhere in the house. Therefore, pockets and baskets become our best friends, not only to organize but also to keep a clean and healthy environment for the baby to grow in.Yellow Flamingo offers you a selection of Konges Slod pockets, Olli Ella baskets and Red Hand Gang hangers to make your life easier.
    Now, no more hide-and-seek!

  • Stationery

    Don't miss any important milestones of your baby, his/her first steps, his/her first words, and everything you feel during this period full of happiness and excitement. Here you will find notebooks,kits and books to record all your moments shared with your baby (or notebooks to simply doodle in!).
    You can also find poster and decorations for a touch of coziness and color to your baby or child's room, both children and parents will fall in love!
    You can also find other mural decorations here.

  • Creative hobbies
  • Little furnitures
  • Baskets, bags and cases
  • Muslin Cloths, Blankets

    Yellow Flamingo offers a selection of blankets et muslin cloths for the comfort of your baby. Little ones will be able to snuggle into HVID's wool blankets to spend peaceful nights, and Konges Slojd's blankets made of 100% organic cotton will be gentle against their sensitive skin. No more all-nighters for moms, the little ones will fall asleep with good dreams!
    Discover also high quality muslin cloths from Konges Slojd and from Bim Bla for intimate moments with your baby, at home or outside.

  • Back to school
  • Anniversaire


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