Meal Time

Let's eat! Yellow Flamingo has selected for you what to brighten up your meals, at home or during a picnic. If you're going on a ramble or during a Wednesday's sport class, choose amongst our water bottles and the Petit Monkey lunch box. And when you are comfortable, KG Design table sets and Konges Slojd or Bonet and Bonet bibs will protect your table and clothes from the little ones. Practical! Yellow Flamingo has chosen for you the complete Design Letters collection with graphics that we love so much. Without bisphenol A, plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery were chosen for their qualities allowing them to be put in a microwave and in a dishwasher.
And to protect your baby while eating, you can find muslin clothes in the category Accessories.


  • Dinner sets and plates

    Mealtime can be boring for our little ones, captivate their attention with incredibly cute plates. They won't hesitate to eat all their vegetables! Discover also our selection of bowls and bibs for a pleasant meal.

  • Accessoires

    Supper time can quickly become messy when we are eating with little ones. To avoid stains on clothes and on the table, it is essential to have bib and table sets. They will allow not only to stay clean, but will also bring a touch of style. If you are looking to taking photos to keep memories of these family moments, what better than KG Design's Cloud Tableset and Petit Monkey's Panda Lunchbox to give a bit of color and fun?

  • Gourds, Glasses & Cups

    With these cups and glasses for our little ones, they can now join mom and dad during teatime with a glass of juice or milk. Make your kids dream with a cute and childish cup and share a good moment with family! To match with plates and bowls that are equally must-haves for all little ones.

  • Bibs

    Long, short, in simple cotton, or waterproof, bibs with or without pocket, snap or tie, bibs at Yellow Flamingo, there is something for everyone. The smallest bibs will be used to protect baby from reflux. And to begin the diversification of food and to let him master his movements, the bibs are the allies of our meals. Whether our babies are still eating with their fingers or with cutlery, mealtime can quickly turn into a battlefield. So we take out our best bib apron, with the pattern of his choice and we protect the clothes of our children. And these bibs can even have a second life when starting arts and crafts!

  • Zero Waste and picnic
  • Bottles
  • Ice cream and cake moulds


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