BORN Copenhagen

Born Copenhagen is a Danish brand created in 2016 by Maiken Vogensen. Professional designer , this woman is inspired by durable and solid materials to create products of impeccable quality, certified GOTS.

Born Copenhagen is a Danish design brand that was launched in 2016 by designer Maiken Vogensen. The brand is committed to creating products of excellent quality using durable and strong materials while respecting the environment. All of their products are GOTS certified so they meet the stringent requirements of the entire supply chain, from cotton cultivation to the selection of seamstresses. Fair working conditions and the valorization of a unique know-how are the promise of a result of quality and respect from every point of view. Every product you find in this collection is designed with special attention to every little detail, because the design is based on their own experience as parents. The watchwords of this brand are: love and attention! "You will know what we mean when you see our product! "

Born Copenhagen offers baby nests, also called cocoons for your babies. During the first days of life, infants cry a lot, it is so distressing to be alone after nine months in their mother's womb. These nests will offer comfort and above all, comfort, your babies will feel reassured, soothe in its small cocoons. Born Copenhagen also offers delicate pacifier clips and wake-up books.




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