Laith and Leila

Laith and Leila a brand that promotes Moroccan craftsmanship through baskets, baskets...

Amy, a native Londoner, took her suitcases several years ago for Morocco. There she met her husband Badr, a real crush and a great duo was born. Both of them decided to promote Moroccan craftsmanship through Laith and Leila. The couple works with skilled craftsmen and Berber women who share a passion for design and quality. Lovers design and select, woven baskets, baskets, carpets... Their pieces are timeless, responsible and unique. They can be used for children's rooms, the kitchen, the parental room, the living room... Everything is made with recycled materials, using traditional craft methods. This is a point that Laith and Leila defends, it is also what makes each product unique, and can present small imperfections. Company defends, but it shows the life, the hands that make them and the many stories. 



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