Garbo&Friends is a Swedish brand founded in 2011. Yellow Flamingo has always had a deep love for Scandinavian design. We couldn't help but love the prints on the bed linen, blankets or nappies offered by the brand. All the products have been designed by OEKO-Tex, and the brand's attention to detail makes them quality products.

Garbo&Friends is a Swedish brand based in Stockholm and founded in 2012. The brand specialises in home textiles and pays particular attention to prints and colour selection. Thanks to unique designs and high-quality materials such as aline, cashmere and cotton percale, it is a real pleasure to decorate your home with Garbo&Friends products. All the colours used for printing and dyeing are OEKO-Tex certified, as are all the accessories on the products. Yellow Flamingo has fallen in love with the discreet elegance and attention to detail of bed linen, blankets and nappies.




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