Little Chew

Little Chew is a brand of natural and aesthetically pleasing playground equipment. You will find at the same time teething rings but also suspensions of ark of awakening for your babies. Made of natural wood and with silicone beads, Little Chew products are adapted to baby's chewing needs.

Little Chew was imagined by two sisters. Young American-Lithuanian mothers, they quickly imagined beautiful, quality products that their babies could use for chewing as well as for stimulation. They developed teething rings and suspensions for arches of events that rigorously meet the safety standards and regulations in force without putting aside the aesthetics of the product. Each piece is inspired by nature in shape or colour. These Little Chew playthings are made of natural wood and silicone beads (BPA, phthalate, cadmium and lead free). We love the rainbow or lemon-inspired shapes.




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