The Lanco Toys brand was founded in Spain in 1952. From the beginning, its creator, Alfredo Benet, decided to choose rubber, from the rubber tree, as the main material for his toys. He found its softness and elasticity magical and appreciated the fact that it had a natural life. Each toy is unique, no two are perfect, as is every thing created by nature. 

Lanco Toys is a family business founded in 1952 in Barcelona. Its founder Alfredo Benet has always favored rubber in its manufacturing process. For more than half a century, the brand has been offering teething toys that will relieve your children's teeth during teething while fascinating them with their nature-like shape. The natural rubber, coming from the rubber tree, is a nice alternative to plastic. The shell-shaped teething rings of the brand will be the ideal companions of the little ones' daily life.



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