My Little Cozmo

My little Cozmo, a Barcelona brand offers beautiful pieces for your little ones. Collars and shoulders flying, combination, jacquard wool outfit, soft and timeless colors, it will be hard not to crack...

My little Cozmo was born in Barcelona, world capital of fashion, as the small team in this family business. The creators are two sisters who have built a professional career in the world of fabrics and patterns.
They launched My Little Cozmo in 2014 to develop and explore a different and engaged fashion universe for toddlers aged 1 to 24 months. As a team of mothers and businesswomen in double trouble, My Little Cozmo tries to reach her target through the inspiration of our lives: love and intuition. And they're proud to be able to do it! The little flying collars of the blouses, the cotton jumpsuit, with the shoulders also flying and jacquard wool outfit will make you crack. We love to see our little ones in such cute rooms.




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