Le Petit Germain

Le Petit Germain is above all a clothing philosophy, an experience of the senses for our children, where discovering the world is first and foremost a discovery of the body and what touches it most closely: clothing.

After 5 years of studies in the Duperré schools of applied arts in Textile Design and the Decorative Arts of Paris in Clothing Design, this passionate and hyperactive self-taught woman has been a costume designer for 10 years, a profession that fascinates her and maintains her taste for narration: costume is above all a story told by clothing. She naturally chooses knitting to shape her clothes around the fragile bodies of babies, following their round and moving curves, accompanying them in their timid or impetuous gestures, her collections growing with them. Colour appears very quickly in her creative landscape, as an obvious response to the universe of sensations she draws. Continuously seeking to simplify the lines, with a constant concern for comfort and well-being, she is gradually setting up a collection of "essential"pieces, with shirts, skirts and pullovers enriched each season with more ephemeral elements with more marked lines, always guided by the comfort and experience of the senses.




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