Raduga grez

Raduga Drëz is a Russian brand of beautiful wooden toys inspired by nature, the forest, the rainbows ... Its colors will amaze the little ones as well as the biggest (up to 12 years old). The brand also supports the replacement of each cut tree to produce its toys.

Raduga Drëz is a Russian brand with beautiful wooden toys made by hand and without chemicals. From 6 months to 12 years old, your children will have fun learning new things and developing their creativity using their imagination with their toys in lime and beech wood. This natural wood is unique and beautiful, and its natural grain and knots will show you its uniqueness. Inspired by nature, Raduga Drëz respects the planet using both natural and exclusively Russian materials from a renewable resource where trees are replanted after being cut. All Raduga Drëz toys are CE tested, comply with European standards and ensure the safety of young children.




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