Meri Lou

The Meri Lou brand was imagined by Laurien, a Dutch interior designer. She designs interior accessories for the whole house, both contemporary and with a vintage touch. Her pieces are sharp and handcrafted. You can fall in love with textile wall decorations that will find their place in our children's rooms or other rooms in the house. 

The Meri Lou brand was created by Laurien, a Dutch freelance visual merchandiser, interior designer and photographer.
The story of her brand started with the re-edition of a vintage family crib and a collection of interior accessories.
The cradle no longer exists but the collection of interior accessories has expanded. The products are handcrafted and are both contemporary and unique with a vintage feel. Merilou products combine with different modern interior styles and can be used in any room of the house.
The Meri Lou brand pays attention to the details of its production, trying to minimize its environmental impact by making a one-time shipment for example, and by packaging its products with cardboard or paper.




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