Kidwild loves a world where children can live pure, wild and free. Free from harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides.
Full of honest and environmentally friendly products, super soft materials and modern and timeless colours and prints.

The line of clothing, layettes and accessories from KidWild offers modern and minimal essential items with a collection of elegant, ethically manufactured basic items. For parents who no longer want to sacrifice safety for style, our line is made from the softest certified organic fabrics.
The KidWild clothing line was created with simplicity, durability and comfort in mind. Timeless foundations that can be passed on from one child to another. Ultra soft unisex-coloured fabrics that your child likes to wear day after day.
KidWild is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and comfort in all our products, and refuses to sacrifice the health or safety of children. That's why our garments and essential items are made from environmentally friendly and organic materials without harmful toxins, dyes or pesticides. No exceptions. Never.



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